Caffè Floriam Restaurant

Your restaurant in the historic center of Brescia where taste and imagination come true.


Caffè Floriam Restaurant

Caffè Floriam Restaurant is within walking distance of: Piazza della Loggia, Piazza della Vittoria, Piazza Duomo, the Museum of Santa Giulia, the Castle, the Roman Forum and the Grain Market.


Caffè Floriam Restaurant

The ideal place to organize unforgettable evenings for your special occasions, birthdays, graduation parties, banquets and group dinners.

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Caffè Floriam Restaurant

History tells... Floriam... not as the place in the beautiful Venice, but as the names of the founders who gave birth to this place Mario and Flora in the 40s.

Historic restaurant for the city of Brescia underwent a major structural and set-up restructuring in 2004 where it was presented to the public no longer as a quality bar and aperitif bar, it offers a cooking service for both a lunch break and a romantic dinner.

Tradition is offered through quality foods... renowned are the proposed meats, such as the best known and most appreciated dish: Fillet of Beef with Groppello.

In addition, the Caffè Floriam Restaurant in Brescia is a pizzeria with pizza "alla pala"!

Caffè Floriam proposes itself in the organization of small banquets or group dinners.

Known and appreciated are the theme evenings, usually offered on weekends, where special dishes find space on the table.

During the summer season, a dense program with live music and entertainment of all kinds is offered.

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The bar for breakfasts and aperitifs in the center

The bar offers, as well as excellent breakfasts, nice breaks during the day to sip a good drink.

Excellent aperitifs served with delicious and abundant delicacies.

Caffè Floriam Restaurant is the ideal place, under the arcades of the center of Brescia, to appreciate the best "Pirlo" in the city. All seasoned with extreme courtesy and professionalism, as well as efficiency and speed.

Location of the Caffè Floriam Restaurant and map

Family-run and an attractive location in the historic center, in Piazza della Loggia, make this restaurant one of the best places in Brescia.

Large traditional and modern dishes, not very large but with a great atmosphere with exposed brick and neoclassical arches.

During the summer, there will be a beautiful outdoor space at your disposal in the heart of the historic center of Brescia.