Pizzeria with pizza also "alla pala" in the center of Brescia

The pizza at Caffè Floriam Restaurant

Over time, pizza has evolved while maintaining taste and identity, often changing shape and remaining the food of our kitchen, best known and appreciated abroad.

From the gourmet trend, to the Neapolitan tradition, passing from those in the pan, we arrive at the pizza that has piqued everyone's curiosity: crunchy and light base with a soft and delicious topping.
Do you already know what we are talking about?
It is the fragrant pizza "alla pala", able to give you a new taste experience!

The pizza "alla pala" has become a "must" of our pizzeria, because it has a perfect base to highlight the most gluttonous and appetizing ingredients, both for the eye and for the throat, it is shared and is always good at any time of the day, from a quick lunch to a more gourmet dinner!

Distinctive characteristics of pizza "alla pala" are the crunchiness, lightness and proportions of water and flour very different from those needed for the preparation of a classic round pizza.

The pizza "alla pala" dough requires a much higher percentage of hydration and after a long leavening, it must be rolled out by pressing it in the right places, in order to allow the pizza to develop and inflate correctly in the oven.
Furthermore, pizza "alla pala" cooks at much lower temperatures than those required for Neapolitan pizza, and for a much longer time.

The differences are not, of course, only in the preparation, but also emerge at the sight: the dimensions and the elongated shape are the distinctive trait of pizza "alla pala", even if there are no specific indications on the size and shape to be obtained.

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Location of the Caffè Floriam Restaurant and map

Family-run and an attractive location in the historic center, in Piazza della Loggia, make this restaurant one of the best places in Brescia.

Large traditional and modern dishes, not very large but with a great atmosphere with exposed brick and neoclassical arches.

During the summer, there will be a beautiful outdoor space at your disposal in the heart of the historic center of Brescia.